Interpolar Link

by Bipolar Bears

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The ground is wet so you sink like the others around you The air is thick, I see you struggling to breathe With no one beside you. Look away as others turn to clay, take your faith and leave you with nothing to say. It has always been this way. Don't be surprised, a pig will find its way. But you're not a swine today. Now, what the fuck is this about?! I feel like going home, but I'm staring back at the crowd. Oh, I hate to see myself give in to doubt. I want to change it But I've never been able to lift this weight. Dropping it is not a solution, but it's the only way.
Satisfying needs takes over me gives pleasure but kills the thirst for life hunger fills up with power to find food makes the life make sense makes me be real If happiness is being fed it leaves nothing at the end happiness means the way to achieve it only then I want to be happy The autumn weather gets me drunk nostalgic sadness all around love feeling weak and small and lost in the world it gives me the strength to decide Not able to stop dream-eating should dose to have some later on it just seems to be such a huge meal I won’t ever manage to consume it all.
The sweet remedy is in my front yard when you sleep Dreams are never what they seem. Can you lend me a thought I could keep? Having never missed anyone, The Bear, simply faded away. He never knew how it was to long for someone he never, ever lost before. He did not love at all. Hee. Deed. Not. Love. At. Allkamalyaleeleeyore-aloogoer. Huh. The medication did not work. It was an abomination of drugs in the long run. All the medicine in the world grieved over the Sad Bear who had no sun since he lost control, since he gave up all he could hold. (random mumble) Having never lost anything, he thought this was really just a fucked-up dream. And that making up a real person is not what it seems. Who was right in the first place? In the verses he wrote down just in case, it turned out an imaginary bear can have no face.
All You Have 03:42
This is what you say when they ask you. Yeah, what’s the point of holding back what you can hold against all the expectations and the fingers pointed at you? Fake princess, it’s obvious you’re indigenous to the scene. Nevertheless, nobody gives a shit, nobody listens, you see. And it feels like losing teeth, swallowing broken glass, giving up all you’ve got, forgetting how to breathe. Whenever you feel like shit, do what you want with it, but it’s never advisable to quit. What you create is all you have. Audibly, I’d say “Children come to me” and then you’d gather around respectively, and then manipulate your reality, and then understand what you’re about to become. I’m not cynical, just a bit critical, a little less interested in this boring spectacle. I’m not quite amazed by children with straight A’s, from zero to hero as soon as they get their MA’s. Spending your time fascinated by gravity when you know it’s common interest to contradict humanity. Say “Fuck stability, I’ll be who I need to be, ‘cause I don’t want to end up being responsibly empty”. Yeah, what’s the point of holding back what you can hold against all the expectations and the fingers pointed at you? Tell them you cannot understand what the fuck it’s about. “Cannot comprehend! Bass too loud!” Speak up! Stand up! Direct your word up! Do what you do and do not ever stop!
Aykadyf 04:45
They say I do too much and I'm losing my focus They say I stopped keeping track And will not succeed because what I lack is discipline Don't freak out on me, dude. I know I can handle this I don't mean to be rude But it's none of your business. I do what I can to be there for you But not always when you demand it I know you love me, so please get it: I don't want to die empty-handed. Screw those voices blabbering "You only do one thing at a time" It's not helping, it's smothering Choking something to do it "right".
It Itches 04:34
You wouldn't understand the trouble I would go through. You wouldn't comprehend, it's not that simple. It's easier to bite off the hand feeding the desire to stand alone. I fear I could not face the end. Obscure phenomena die on their own. And I don't even know if I could make it alone. I don't even recognize what's in front of me. These scabs ain't worth picking at all, I don't see you proving me wrong. It all makes sense and it itches like hell Plus it's still a part of us. Never mind the circumstance -It keeps eating us. It makes sense and it itches like hell Plus it's still a part of us. Never mind the circumstance -It keeps eating us. I'd give it up, I'd give my pride away to never feel that angry again, to never feel that empty.
In the puddle we can bathe in guilt You may proceed with pecking at the milk you spilt. A broken pigeon’s neck below the churches built The Eye of God is shut Your belly’s been re-filled with oversimplified reasons to live I swear I’ve never seen that much of gasoline inside a person’s mind He has a uniform of wings stolen and worn a second skin - a shrewd disguise. Since winter came, we’ll have to freeze and die. And I swear I’ve never seen as many hearts of plasticine as tonight But it’s alright, I don’t mind. We all fail to justify our means as you fail to shed your second skin.
Angry 07:36
I hope you realize, this means war. Every time we meat, I get lost enough to be a, hide & seek winner of all time. I sincerely regret being a pain in the ass with all my doubts and fears. Which appear to be overrated As much as I am in my own eyes right now. Yes, I am angry. Yes, I am exhausted. Ee. Ahhhrrr. Doghoihpfkjhgksheeeeeaaamiiii. The bread I make sticks to the fridge. To the walls of the refrige-a-writer. Re-free-dg-reet-or. Maybe it shouldn't have lain there, in the first place. The cocktails I mix taste wonderful, but they are made of ingredients I can't find, when attempting to prepare these refreshing drinks, a second time. Tame. Yes, it's absolute rubbish. Yes. I am angry. Yes, I am exhausted.
It's breaking down in the evening, but the rules still apply. I think like a human being, I speak all the human lies. Don’t take me down before the ending, Don’t take this away from me. React like a human mother, For once won’t you take care of me. I have a plan for eternity: Fuck chameleons and let it be me To realize where I want to step back Visualize what is in my head, Imprint info before it’s dead. Right before your eyes, clear and coal-black.
981 04:57
W mieście z piasku portier wita szary świt Pusta lalka podświadomie pragnie stłuc się Wdychaj fiasko bycia tym kim powinieneś być Milcz gdy dorośli się kłócą, słuchaj i ucz się. Patrz jak w twoim oku powoli znika błysk Nie ulegaj mrzonkom, poddaj się złym nawykom Arogancka pizda nigdy nie dostanie w pysk A radość z życia przypadnie cynikom Jutro wszyscy odejdą, zamkną się w swoich domach, - w domach z cegieł w swoich głowach. A ja chyba zostanę tu, wtulając twarz w twój brzuch. Ja raczej zostanę tu, wtulając twarz w twój brzuch.
Mhm 02:43
I had some things I wanted to show you but they all got lost in my room Some thoughts fell behind my bed and some just disappeared, I presume. There are scraps of laughter behind the bed and I guess some apologies too. Or are they just pretence in my head made up just for you?
The drums were rolling as you came out of your mommy's belly with no faith or doubt "Here comes another one we can fit in, teach it anthill instincts, somehow squeeze it in, plug it in, teach it what to feel and how to follow" I've got a present for you: It's a pin you can stick in the eye of the human resources guy and tell him to fuck off and die. All clever boys, pretty girls swallow the meaning of their life as it is and they know not to complain about it, so one day the can all be lost, forgotten and replaced by next generations of their kind. I've got a present for you.


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This is the "Interpolar Link" by the Bipolar Bears. All music on this album has been written by Kuba Mitoraj and Szymon [d'] Danis (exept "Sparrow's Winter", co-written with Grześ Posłuszny and "Human Resources Guy", co-written with Maciek [Hedejk] Zakrzewski). All lyrics have been written by d' exept "Dream-Hunger Paradox" which was written by Kuba Mitoraj and "981" by both d' and Kuba Mitoraj. "Sparrow's Winter" is based on an unfinished and unpublished song by CO.IN. under the same name. It was originally written by Przemek [Nikt] Polek and d' around 2004/2005. In this version, only the original vocal line was used, everything else is entirely new and was written by both authors of this album. Lyrics to “981” translated by Natalia Łubniewska, other language issues consulted with Ada Pałeczka. Last, but not least, album art by the amazing Izabela Cichońska.


released February 1, 2010

Kuba Mitoraj - guitars, programming, bass, samples, synthesizers, backing vocals.
d' - vocals, programming, bass, samples, synthesizers, d-beam manipulation.

Additional album performance:
Wojciech [Puton] Dereń - backing vocals in "Fish Fillet, Please"
Ala Kalinowska - vocals in "Dream-Hunger Paradox"
Magda Pasierska - vocals in "Aykadyf"
Grześ Posłuszny - bass in "Sparrow's Winter"
Izabela Cichońska - vocals in "Mhm"
Krzysztof Karpeta - cello in "Mhm"
Michał Baranowski - violin in "Mhm"
Hedejk - additional samples and programming in "Human Resources Guy"


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Bipolar Bears Wrocław, Poland

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